03 3 / 2014

Striped Sir R80


28 2 / 2014

Checked Chick R80


27 2 / 2014

Keepthrift and Friends: Our Shoot with Courtney Fisher

Today we hear from the hugely talented Courtney Fisher who photographed the shoot that is currently up on the blog. She was so easy to work with, so funny and so chilled. If you’d like her to create some magic for you too, check out her Facebook page: Courtney Fisher Photography (https://www.facebook.com/courtneyfisherphotography?ref=br_tf) and drop her a message!


I was thrilled to hear from Keepthrift when they asked me to collaborate on a shoot of theirs (I may have performed a happy dance after reading the message). 

Colourful things, clothes and cool people – that’s what made up my Saturday morning spent with Keepthrift and their good looking friends.

I love photographing fashion, and this shoot just reiterated why I love what I do. We did the shoot on a warm but overcast morning at a Keepthrifter’s beautiful home. A shoot during breakfast, then a quick wardrobe change and a change of hair, and we were on our way to shooting in the garden. The shoot had some seriously hilarious moments – trying to eat and look attractive at the same time is a tough task, but luckily Keepthrift has some friends that are rather easy on the eyes, making my task of photographing them easy and so much fun. These guys and girls really rock the vintage style that Keepthrift brings to life.

Thanks Keepthrift for the opportunity to create art with your beautiful clothes, and for allowing me the chance to meet all these incredible people along my photographic journey.

I’ll be sure to do another happy dance should another awesome Keepthrift collaboration come my way!


25 2 / 2014

Button Down Blue R80


*This appears to be a two piece, but is in actual fact a dress*

21 2 / 2014

The White Pencil R80


17 2 / 2014

The Long Black Dress R80


*This dress has two slits up the side, so it needs to be worn with tights or shorts as in the pictures below*

13 2 / 2014

Take it (back) to the streets

This is an amazingly simple and creative initiative: the world’s first pop up charity shop. Viva the second hand clothes revolution. 


12 2 / 2014

Flamboyant Floral Shirt R80 - SOLD




10 2 / 2014

Little Grey Dress R80


05 2 / 2014

Delightful Dungarees R100